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Ahastyle Premium Nickel Sheet Sticker for Airpods Pro-RoseGold

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Nickel sheets Material Airpods Pro Case Dust Guard

Our airpod pro case dust guard made with Nickel sheets material which provides the best and extra layer protection to your airpod pro case. Our airpod pro inside dust guard provides the best internal protection to your airpods pro from iron and metal shaving.

Effective Protection Airpods Pro Case Dust Guard

The airpod pro dust guard gold specially made for the airpods pro case which provides the best protection to your airpods pro.Keeps your airpods pro safe, ultra dust-proof, shockproof & scratch proof design.

Light and Thin Airpods Pro Dust Guard with Residue Resistant Feature

Our airpod pro dust guard is the only 0.03mm think and light. Our dust guard for airpods pro cases easy to clean with a wipe and never leave any residue of water and dust after cleaning the airpods pro dust guard.

Eco-Friendly with Airpods Pro Case

Our dust guard for airpods pro is eco-friendly with airpods pro case and never hurts the opening and closing system. The apple airpods pro dust guard perfectly fit and keeps clean the airpods pro charging case from dust.

  • The dustproof sticker perfectly fits Airpods Pro.
  • Great Protection. The metallic dust guards covers every corner and keep your airpods Pro safe and totally clean.
  • Easy Installation. The thickness of the sticker is only 0.04mm. Quite easy to align to the holes.
  • The guard acts as a buffer between your case and the metallic dust that accumulates over time. The guard can easily be exchanged out if needed.
  • Easy to clean after patching, dustproof and scratch resistant stickers do not harm your earphones.
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