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Water Pots Bottle

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Press the faucet ice-cold kettle

Let you drink cool at any time! Easily receive water

No need to lift up and pour water

Wide diameter design

No rotation, easy to open

It is convenient to add water and ice, and it is easier to clean

3500ml large capacity

Equivalent to 7 bottles of mineral water, enough for 2 people a day

It is more convenient to press the faucet

The sealing ring is anti-blocking, the seal does not leak, and it is not worried about long-term use

Safety PP material

Temperature resistance -20℃ to 120℃, not afraid of falling, not afraid of temperature difference explosion, you can directly pour boiling water

Material: PP

Capacity: 3.5L (recommended water capacity is 3L)

Size: Overall size 25×18×10cm (with a lid to carry)

Temperature resistance: -20℃ to 120℃

Weight: about 210g

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