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Electric Pulse Neck Massager For Pain Relief Relaxation

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This special Electric Pulse Massager uses low frequency pulse therapy to promote local blood circulation and relax local muscles.
You can choose from 6 modes modes in accordance with your requirements. Use of this massage technique helps with diminishing inflammation, detumescence, analgesia and reducing fatigue. The shape and design of this device is in alignment with the natural curvature of the neck.

U-Shaped Design: With an ergonomic U-shaped design and the use of low-frequency electrical pulse therapy, this is the latest portable electronic snap-on neck massaging device for wellness/well-being as well as relief or prevention of cervical neck pain

Six Pulsation Modes: 6 Electric pulse simulations of traditional Chinese medicine's six massage techniques to promote blood circulation and relax the local muscles. The integrated electrode pads are designed to achieve a double massage sensation. The six modes include: Relaxing Massage mode, Cupping mode, Scraping mode, Hammer tapping mode, Acupuncture mode and general massage mode.

Physiotherapy time: 15 minutes

-This product is a new type of pulse massager, which is different from the traditional shock and vibration massagers. This new style of massager uses electronic pulse technology to stimulate the acupuncture points in the neck area and massage the muscles. This is a very effective method for relaxing the muscles and relieving aches, pains or fatigue.

-This product produces an intermittent current stimulation, the frequency is similar to a heartbeat, which increases effectiveness

-TIP: Cover your neck with a damp towel before use, as dry skin can affect the effectiveness of the product. 
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