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Hoco. Gaming holder “GM2 Winner” phone holder

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1. Material: aluminium alloy, ABS housing.

2. Sizes: 59.1 * 53.7 * 12.4mm. Cable length: 150mm. Weight: 45g.

3. Interface: Type-C male to USB3.0 female, HDMI, Type-C (PD).

4. Type-C female socket (only one-way power supply): support PD2.0, working voltage / current 5V-20V / 3A, maximum output power 67W.

USB female socket: USB3.0 support maximum 0.75A.

5. For notebooks with Type-C interface, expand to Type-C, USB and HDMI (connect the projector or HDTV) interfaces.

6. Compatible with most operating systems, such as Windows and Mac OS.

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