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Zapp Led Light Mosquito Killer

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Don’t let mosquitos and bugs ruin your meal or outdoor gathering. Get the bugs before they get you! Zapp Light is the LED light that kills flying insects and mosquitos. This bug zapper light bulb fits into any 110V/120V socket.

  • Zapp Light replaces ordinary light bulbs
  • No fumes, no chemicals, no sprays
  • University tested to kill mosquitos known to carry Zika, Yellow Fever, and other diseases
  • 600 lumens, 60 Watts
  • Built-in blue UV light attracts pests
  • 2 light modes
  • Fits any 110V/120V socket
  • Not compatible with dimmer switches
  • 1 Zapp Light bulb protects 500 square feet
  • Includes 1 Zapp Light bulb

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