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Devia Joy A1 Series TWS Wireless Earphone-Black

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Single Earbuds/Double Earbuds Flexible switching Not only Single Earbud, But also Double earbuds. Single earbud connect with one mobile phone is available, Both earbuds connect with one mobile phone is available, both earbuds connect with two different mobile phone separately is also available. Double Earbuds Independent Utility, Brings You Variety of Playing. Enjoy The World. 

Comfortable to Wear & Ergonomic Design, Mini Invisible Earbuds, With Ergonomic Design, It helps u t keep the earbuds match with cochlea, And No drops even if doing strenuous exercise. 

The Devia Joypods TWS A1 wireless headphones are comfortable wireless headphones for listening to your favorite music from your phone, tablet or computer. They work on Bluetooth technology, you can also use them for telephony and they can be carried anywhere in the charging box.

The Devia Joypods TWS A1 wireless headphones are extremely portable and will fit in a larger pocket with the box. After opening the case, you will see several white LEDs that indicate the state of charge. You connect them to the phone in a moment, they fit very well in their ears and fit everyone.

The small headphones last to play music for around 4-5 hours. The charging case will then be able to charge both headphones for further listening, so you will not charge the entire accessory as often. The box is charged using the included Micro USB cable and clearly displays the charge status using white LEDs.

Pairing wireless headphones is as easy as removing them from the case. All you have to do is select these headphones in the Bluetooth settings on the phone and after the first connection, they will connect to the phone automatically. Thanks to wireless technology, they can be connected to the device up to a distance of 10 meters.

A handsfree for the car or for times when your hands are full is definitely suitable. The headset can be used to make and handle calls. They both have a microphone on them, so you only need to put one in your ear.

  • Screen power display, it's display the charging status immediately when earphones are in charging base.
  • Quick match with one button, The headset is automatically turned on when taken out.
  • Seamless switch, Perfect support for bilateral calls, seamless switch of left and right ears.
  • Touch operation, easy to use Play pause up and down, easy to use.
  • Operation indication, Pause/Play/Answer/Hang up : Press 2 Volume down: Press 3 on left ear Volume up. Press 3 on right ear Long press 3 seconds: Voice assistant
  • Brand: DEVIA
  • Name: Joy A2 series TWS wireless earphone
  • Functions: Listening to music, talking
  • Connection mode: Bluetooth 5.0
  • Process: Highlights Material: ABS + PC
  • Color: White Weight: 42.5g
  • Dimensions: L68.0*W36.0*H23.0mm
  • Battery: Charging base / 250mAh3.7V, earphone/26mAh
  • Playing time: 3.5H Battery life: 2.5H Standby time: 80H Charging port: Type-c
  • Small size and large capacity, low power consumption 5.0 Bluetooth chip 26mAh for headphone, 250mAh for charging bin, 3 hours A single play time, 3 time Charging times of charging box, 2 hours A single charging time


180 Days warranty

One hundred Eighty (180) days limited warranty included in this product
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