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Gas Stove Oil block Baord

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Gas Stove Oil block Baord


Made of high-quality galvanized sheet material,  3 panel splatter guard can be folded into any shape you need and is easy to clean. The black edges prevent hand scraping and  safer to use.

Foldable for storage: It is foldable for easy storage. It folds down flat ,When you’re done with it, just place it in a cupboard, drawer or pantry.

Prevent oil splasher: Effectively shield most stoves and their surroundings from oil or food spills while cooking in the kitchen.

Not sticky: The surface has a durable non-stick coating that saves time on cleaning and prevents cooking oil from splashing onto walls and floors.

The cooking splash guard effectively block the splash of oil in the kitchen, and the heat insulation effect is good, preventing the wall of the stove from being covered with oil, and the surrounding plastic, spices, cans, etc. are heated to melt, deform, and also can used as food washing splash-proof board.


Name: Gas Stove Oil-blocking Board

Material: galvanized board

Color: silver

Weight (approx.): small: 1.6kg, large: 2.2kg

Size: as shown

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