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V7 Wheel Cleaner-650 Ml

3.500 KWD Other Currency


Specially use for alloying wheel rim.

●Clean up dirt, stains and filths which were taken from car braking

Without any material that makes wheel rim frayed.

To use it periodically makes wheel rim bright and briliance as new,

and also prevents forming dirt and deposit.


Spray to the wheel rim which cooled off until wet through, pemeate

with 30 seconds.

Wash up the rim with high pressure water.

Wipe the wheel rim with a clean soft cloth.

To get best effect, wipe with a dry towel or a soft brush


Should choice the place which makes water evaporate easily to avoid water permeating into the river, rivulet or lake.

Avoid contacting eyes or skins for long time. If contact eyes unfortunately, please wash water and go to see a doctor.

Store away from heat resource or hot lace over 48 C

Please don't puncture or burn the can.

Keep out of reach of children.

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