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Blow Jet Burner Lighter

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PROFESSIONAL HIGHEST QUALITY COOKING TORCH- Envision yourself creating the tastiest and most mouth-watering dishes on par with the best restaurants in the world! Used by top chefs, torch is perfect for caramelizing sugar atop crème brulee, searing a steak, roasting bell peppers & marshmallows, melting cheese and toasting bread crumbs etc. Our amazing torch will let you transform simple recipes into dishes that look and taste as if they came from a professional chef's kitchen

MULTIPURPOSE TOOL FOR INDOOR OR OUTDOOR USE- With its stylish and portable design, you can use the torch for lighting your fireplace and candles. Thanks to its high burning temperature and extreme durability, our torch can be used for soldering, welding, jewelry making, various camping applications and lighting the barbecue. The instant flame can burn to an amazing 2372°F for up to 60 minutes

GAS FILLING - please use a long nozzle gas canister to fill the torch. If you use small nozzle canister, gas will leak and not fill inside the torch. Using correct king of canister is very important to properly fill the gas

EXTREMELY EASY TO USE - You deserve to feel confident and be the boss of flame production. Starting the flame is as easy as pressing the CHILD SAFETY LOCK and the TRIGGER button after rotating the FLAME ADJUSTABLE KNOB counter clockwise. Depending on what you're using the torch for, you can easily adjust the intensity of the flame. It is very easy to refill the torch using widely available BUTANE GAS (NOT INCLUDED)

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