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Super Clean, Cleaning Gel (160 g)

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Super Clean is the only cleaning compound that can reach inside all of those difficult to reach places and remove all those nasty and harmful things while cleaning on contact.

All you have to do is press and pull. No rubbing required! Super Clean will leave all the surfaces clean and fresh smelling! The innovative Super Clean cleanser will be used where other cleaners fail.

Here are a few examples how you can use Super Clean: PC keyboards, Mobil-phones, organizers, printers, paddles and pads, cameras, MP3-Players, louvers To avoid electric shock, remain cautious while cleaning electrical appliances

  • Picks up dust and dirt from computer keyboards, mobile phones,camera, car vent, fan, air vent, and printers.
  • Can be used for many times until the cleaning compound turns into dark color.
  • A must for using public computers in a clean and safe way, great for all devices and surfaces.
  • By pressing the cleaning compound onto the surfaces that you would like to clean,dust and dirt in gaps will be absorbed by the compound.

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