Heavy Duty Furniture Shifter Mover Transport Set-Up to 250 KG

5.900 KWD Other Currency

Perfect furniture movement helps move household items. Each moving wheel is located below the four small wheels and can support a weight of 250 kg. The easy-to-carry tool can work quickly and efficiently


  • Use the furniture lifter to lift 
  • Suitable for impervious floors (e.g. carpet, tiles, PVC)
  • Adapted to the washing machine, so you can move and rearrange the furniture easily
  • With steerable furniture roller skids, you can easily move heavy pieces of furniture
  • With this furniture lift and the roller, you can easily slide furniture and appliances from place to place so that you can rearrange your furniture
  • The furniture wheel is suitable for all types of heavy furniture and household appliances in the home. Use them for your couch, cabinet, refrigerator, washing machine, bookshelf, piano table, etc
  • This furniture lifter is very easy to use and can be used by anyone no matter how strong. Use the furniture lifter to slightly lift the necessary furniture, then roll the sliders underneath and slide the furniture and appliances on the floor easily


  • Weight: 2.5 Kg
  • Max load: 250 kg
  • Color: Black + Yellow
  • Material: steel, plastic
  • Package Size:30.5*19*10.5 cm