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Snap Button Kit - 100 sets

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Are your plastic snap buttons constantly popping off your dress shirts? Are you having trouble applying line snaps on your leather bags? In as little as five minutes, you can replace broken snap buttons easily with this metal snap replacement pack!

Snap Fasteners Kit Buttons Fasteners Craft Leather Button Tool Punching Machine for Sewing DIY Clothing Production Cotton Baby Clothes DIY Crafts Easy to use For Jeans , Fabric, Baby ,DIY Crafts


  • easy to operate and easy to replace
  • It can be used for clothes, luggage, handbags, shoes, etc
  • Pliers are easy to use, suitable for hollow or solid clamp installation, light, pressure setting is good on them
  • The use of high-quality brass material, environmentally friendly, non-toxic, and has high strength, can be used for a long time.
  • These snaps are packed in a transparent box, with built-in compartments separated for easy distinction and convenient storage

      How to use: 

  • Step 1) Get a set of buttons mounting tools and fabric
  • Step 2) Place the sub buckle with the reverse side facing outwards 
  • Step 3) Apply firm pressure to the fabric (face buckle + sub buckle) is a group installation completed
  • Step 4) Put the bottom buckle in, place the female buckle with the reverse side outwards
  • Step 5) Apply firm pressure to the fabric bottom buckle + female buckle


  • Material: metal
  • Color: silver
  • Shape:  Round
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