Toe Bunion Corrector Brace for Women & Men

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Our feet carry a heavy load every day as we carry and move our body weight. Often this load results from orthopedic problems, namely deformity of the ankle bones, which is a common pathology especially in women who wear high-heeled shoes. This shin for everyday use will help you correct this deformation!

There are intricate tendons, ligaments and pits between the thumb and foot bone that are subject to high pressure and load, which often causes them to deform as the bone of the thumb is bent. To prevent deformation from worsening and pain during walking, it is necessary to wear splints that will keep your thumb in the correct position.

Advantages of toe splinters:
Relieves pressure, relieves pain and discomfort
Properly position the thumb and foot as a whole, distributing the load
Such a framework is used by pediatricians and orthopedic surgeons around the world - they are comfortable, safe and effective
Easily adjusts to any size and individual foot features

  • Put your foot on your thumb before going to bed
  • It is most effective to use the splints during sleep, when the leg muscles are relaxed
  • While you're sleeping, the splints will help guide the dice, keeping your thumb in the right position
  • This should be adjusted gradually, so that it does not hurt or discomfort
  • The results will be felt after a few uses

Not recommended for those with diabetes or circulatory conditions.