50 PCS Travel Disposable Toilet Seat Cover

1.900 KWD Other Currency
It is a must-have hygiene product for living at home, traveling, and staying at the hotel.
  • Defend yourself and your loved ones from unsanitary public restrooms.
  • Use a disposable plastic toilet seat cover to stay clean when using public restrooms.
  • The extra-large coverage is the perfect size to protect your family on the go.
  • DISPOSABLE & SANITARY: The toilet seat covers are disposable, perfect toilet seat cover pad mat cushion potty protectors, perfect for on the go, for adults and their families; you can also try using them at home for help with potty training.
  • WATERPROOF & NON-SLIP: The seat protectors are made from PO material and waterproof; the toilet seat covers will not slip or slide, as they are putted into the toilet seat to avoid falling off the seat, provides protection for your family
  • EASY TO USE & FIT WELL: Double layers and embedded design make it easy to cover toilet seat. Symmetric design quickly matches various toilet seats, saving trouble to spot the front and back. The 18.8"×15.7" size is bigger than normal disposable toilet seat covers and fits US standard toilet seat, perfect for wide figure.
  • WIDELY USED FOR PUBLIC RESTROOMS: Widely used for many occasions like vacation, road trip, camping and outing in airport, station, hostels, hotel, hospital, amusement park, shopping center and so on.
  • INDIVIDUALLY WRAPPED: Travel friendly design, individually packaged travel potty seat cover in each pack, making easy to keep in carry-on luggage, a travel bag, toddler diaper bag, or your vehicle



Package include:50 pieces in a box