Silicone Waterproof Shoe Cover

1.900 KWD Other Currency

Waterproof shoe cover with excellent food grade silicone material, good waterproof and anti-slip function, safe, environmentally friendly and durable. At the same time, due to the characteristics of the silicone itself, the product is easy to clean, you can clean it directly with water, or you can clean it directly with soapy water, and then dry it after cleaning


  • Flexible-store easily in bags; Stretchy material fits all people shoes
  • Shoe covers booties is washable. You can gently wipe it with a brush or a towel after its dirt
  • The rain shoe covers can keep your shoes dry, clean and comfortable in mud spattered, rain and snow
  • 100% high elastic silicone shoe covers materials, rainproof shoe cover has great waterproof and slip-resistant performance


  • Size: M, XL
  • Weight:‎10 g
  • Color: Yellow
  • Material: Silicone