Underarm Sweat Pads for Men and Women 10 pcs

1.750 KWD Other Currency

Our armpit sweats pads will absorb all your under arm perspiration and prevent those unwanted sweat stains while helping reduce your clothes cleaning costs along the way


  • Suitable for most skin types, hypoallergenic. Gender neutral design, unscented
  • Our pads will stick to your clothes all day, but are made to easily peel off without leaving any Residue behind
  • With a mix of the highest quality microfiber fabrics, breathable, extremely absorbent and sticky, but without residues
  • Super soft ,ultra thin, Lightweight and portable, nearly invisible. Disposable, no washing necessary. Perfect for outdoor and travel


  • Color: white
  • Weight: 25 g
  • 1 Pack = 10 Pieces
  • Material: non-woven fabric