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Cordless Engraver Pen - Pen For Wood, Metal, Glass, Stone

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With this engraving pen, you can mark your own belongs for convenient identification.

The cordless engraving pen allows you to engrave all your personal belongings, all within the comfort of your own home! This pen is a great way to mark your belongings or write personal messages on jewelry for personalized arts and crafts! There's no limit to what you can engrave!

Works on:

  • Metal
  • Wood
  • Glass
  • Plastic
  • Leather


  • Permanently label all of your important items!
  • Portable ,easy to carry.
  • Hold the engrave like a pencil with your thumb over the button.
  • Ideal for protecting your valuables
  • Spare engraving tip included
  • Suitable for glass, metal, plastics, wood, steel and leather
  • Can be used for arts and crafts purposes
  • Battery powered (requires 2 x AA batteries - not included)


180 Days warranty

One hundred Eighty (180) days limited warranty included in this product