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Foot Patches Sleep Improvement, Pain Relief-10 pcs

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 Foot pads is made of a variety of natural plant extracts and scientifically formulated to provide an excellent cleaning experience.


  • supports vitality, improves sleep quality, relieves stress and tension, enhances mood, improves health, and eliminates odors. 
  • Using the foot pad throughout the night will help ensure deep sleep, improve sleep quality, and make you refreshed and more energetic to face the day's work or study.
  • Cleansing foot pad provides you with foot spa and health care that you can easily enjoy at home. After use, it can relieve muscle tension and fatigue stress. Keep a good mood and better maintain health.
  • Just 1 pair of sticks on the soles of the feet every day, about 8 hours of use (can be used all night). It is recommended to put on a pair of socks, if your feet are prone to sweating and the foot pads will slip off.


Individually packaged 2 in 1 natural foot pads, a total of 10 pads  of healing experience. Small and lightweight, suitable for travel carrying

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