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Reacher Kitchen Bathroom Drain Cleaning Tool

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You can use this picker to pull out strands of hair and dirt from clogged tubs and basins, shower drains, drainage pipes, basins, baths and kitchen sinks. clean the debris from inside and clears the drainage. This picker improves drainage flow and clears out odor-causing gunk and bacteria. Simply discard the harvest of hair & rinse clean!


  • The specially designed flexible nozzle can dredge the drain
  • It is controlled by a spring handle, giving you a comfortable experience
  • The spring can be bent freely without deformation, suitable for cleaning water pipes
  • A quick and easy way to remove slow-moving sewers caused by clogged hair in the bathroom
  • The four sturdy claws provide you with an effective method to pick up the blockage in the sewer
  • The sewer is unobstructed. The household cleaning hook catches the blockage of the sink sewer and cleans the hair pipe
  • Simply slide the product into the sewer and then round it to easily catch strong obstacles and catch hair and debris. And remove


  • Size: 160 cm
  • Color: Silver
  • Weight: 200 g
  • Material: stainless steel