Car Front Mirror Camera

5.500 KWD Other Currency

The main advantage of the vehicle blackbox DVR, as a DVR is a high-quality front camera, recording in full HD format with a resolution of 1920*1080. The viewing angle is 140 °. Used high-quality IPs matrix, which makes the picture bright, juicy, clear, and the viewing angle of the screen so wide that the image is not distorted from the driver's seat.


    • Automatic recording, during parking, only if there is movement in the viewing plane, in the absence of movement, the recording is not recorded. See what happens to the car in your absence.
    • Auto-adjustment of brightness (changes in the condition of lighting and time of day, providing the image with high quality and clarity)
    • Convenient review of the rear view. Picture mode in the picture.
    • The Registrar is invisible-this makes it permitted under the new legislation, and it will not be easy extraction for thieves (I.E. E. There is no need to constantly remove and hide the device)
    • Innovative Video transmission technology Full HD prof (increased image clarity) is used.


      • Matrix: CMOS
      • Video recording: 30 frames per second, 1080 p, VGA
      • Built-in screen, the monitor has a convenient Russified men
      • There is USB 2.0