Vacuum Seal Bags with Pump

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Vacuum Storage Bags 10 Pack Space Saver Vacuum Storage Bags, Reusable Ziplock Vacuum Sealer Bags for Clothing, Comforter, Pillow, Travel, Hand Pump

Double Zipper Seal:

Maustic 10 pack reusable zip lock jumbo vacuum storage bags with double zipper design, which provides these space bags with double sealing capability to ensure a tight seal. The retaining clip prevents the zipper from falling out.

Stay-On Clip:

The retaining clip of the Maustic vacuum storage bags provides further protection for the closure, which can avoid the zipper falling off and achieve a better sealing effect.

Triple-Seal Turbo Valve:

Maustic 12 pack reusable zip lock jumbo vacuum storage bags with triple-sealed turbine valve design, which ensures no air can enter during vacuum, protecting your items for a long time and giving you the best air-tight suction.

Hand Pump Included:

The vacuum port of these Maustic vacuum storage bags is compatible with any vacuum hose, allowing you to vacuum the bag quickly. A portable hand pump is included in the set, which is reusable and ideal for travel.

Easy to Use:

Maustic 10 pack reusable zip lock jumbo vacuum storage bags are very convenient to use, ensuring that the zipper is sealed, the valve cover is closed after vacuuming, and it can last 3-4 months.

Warm Notice:

-Please pinch the zippers when sealing to make sure they are fully clipped and do not remove the pink gasket. Otherwise storage bags cannot be vacuumed.

-Make sure all items are dry completely before storing them in the vacuum bags.

-Please do not store food, leather, or items with sharp corners or ridges because these may puncture the bag.

Package Included:

1 x Hand Pump Included

3 x vacuum storage bags, 40” x 60”

3 x vacuum storage bag, 50” x 90”

3 x vacuum storage bag, 60” x 80”

1 x vacuum storage bags, 80” x100”

Material: PA+PE

Color: Transparent