Waterproof Self-Adhesive No Leakage Clear Tape Water Strip

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Waterproof Self-adhesive No Leakage Clear Tape Water Strip Made of High-Quality 


  • Made of Durable and Environmental-Friendly PVC Material, Features Stronger Stickiness and Adhesion than traditional PVC.
  • It is Waterproof, Damp Proof, Oil-Proof, Sturdy and Durable. Adhesive Tape provides a Long Lasting Seal and give a Clean Look to your Kitchen and Bath Areas.
  • The Strip can be Folded into 90 Degrees for Tightly Sealing in the Seams between Walls.
  • You can Install it on the Kitchen Sink, Wall Corner, Toilet, etc. Keep your House Neat and Tidy.
  • You decide how much to use and just Cut it according to your need.
  • It can be applied to Any Flat and Smooth Surface like Tile, Marble, Glass, Painted Wood, etc.
  • Before using, you'd better to prepare tools including Scissors and Hair Dryer.
  • Firstly, Clean the Surface of the Area you want to paste on; Secondly, Cut the Length you need, Use Hair Dryer to Heat Up the Caulk Tape for one minute for Better Stickiness; Finally, Simply Peel Off and Press the Self-Adhesive Tape to the Surface.
  • Adhesive Tapes can be used for Sealing the Seams of Gas Stove, Sink, Basin, Bathtub, Toilet, Wall Corner and Other Seam Areas.
  • It could Prevent them from Getting Dirty, Keep your Kitchen and Bathroom Surface Clean and Tidy just as New One for a Long Time.


length: 3 m