Mosquito Repellent Patch Stickers

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Our Mosquito Patches can be cut to size to fit anything and everyone. Excellent for Hiking, Camping, BBQ, Travel, Any Outdoor Activity

    Features & Specifications:

    • Citronella oil infused mosquito patch stickers: Natural plant-based ingredients and DEET free.
    • Designed for both children and adults: Apply them to clothing, tables, strollers, etc.
    • Designed for single use applications. Sealable bag keeps stickers fresh.
    • Mosquito stickers are designed to work in all weather conditions.
    •  made from Citronella Oil
    • Multiple Ways to Wear. On Your Shirt, Shorts, Ankle Socks, Hat, Belt Loop or Any Object.
    • Active Ingredient: Citronella Oil 10%
    • Inert Inactive Ingredient: Non Woven 90%
    • Open package and remove patch from sheet.
    • . Place patch on clothing, hats, tents, tables, chairs, strollers, and backpacks or other item’s surface: your sleeves, shorts, socks. And you can also stick them around your campfire or outdoor furniture during cookouts and BBQs.