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Wireless Nano Steam Gun

3.000 KWD Other Currency

2600mAh battery powered nano wireless lithium battery, charging 2 hours, continuous working time of up to 3 hours! Safe and convenient! Universal voltage 110 - 240V

    Features & Specifications:

    • Sterilization and sterilization: deodorization, can be used in places that need sterilization and cleaning, 15 minutes refreshing and instant effective, deep cleaning, mist, humidify, spray and wipe when dirty, instantly clean not only a sterilizing gun, but also an air humidifier
    • UV sterilization spray: Equipped with 8 strong light granules, effectively achieving the function of UV sterilization! Ordinary design of temperature spray is safer than high temperature atomizer! Not only does it make the liquid medicine ingredients more effective, it also prevents the production of harmful gases!
    • -Large Capacity: 800ml of watering design, can disinfect a larger area at one time! Detachable brass nozzle and inner channel with anti-clogging design, more durable. Built-in liquid filter.
    • It is portable and can create ultra-fine water mist ideal for disease prevention in home, garden, indoor, outdoor, public areas, hospital,school, etc. It is an economical and practical method of disinfection.
    •  UV sterilization
    • Low temperature spray design.
    •  No preheating, fast spraying