Anti-Fatigue Computer Monitor Gaming Glasses Reduce

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Ever get tired eyes during an intense gaming marathon?

If so, these Gaming Glasses are the perfect solution for you. Numskull Style glasses are specifically engineered with gamers in mind; to reduce the effects of digital eye strain caused by blue light and UV glare, allowing you to play for longer (and harder). Their glasses deliver sharper detail, increases contrast perception and shifts the colour spectrum for visual efficiency which will give you a competitive edge over other gamers. The lightweight and stylish frame for prolonged comfort during marathon gaming sessions.

  • Sleep Glasses for Improved Sleep Quality - Blue light exposure can disrupt sleep by reducing natural melatonin production. These blue light blocking glasses filter out up to 60% of blue light to help you sleep better & feel refreshed
  • Stylish Design - These clear lens  glasses for women & men are discreetly stylish in appearance. Plus, the lightweight, comfortable frame is great for extended use in the office, as TV glasses, screen glasses & are ideal gaming accessories
  • Reduce Eye Strain - Use eye fatigue computer glasses to reduce blue light exposure & help to alleviate eye strain, headaches, & tired eyes from extended use of digital devices. The blue filter lens makes it easier for your eyes to focus & relax
  • Convenient & Affordable - these glasses are made with premium materials at an affordable price, making effective blue light blocking accessible to all. Plus, each pair is equipped with a carry case for easy transport
  • Versatile - These womens & mens glasses are trusted by thousands to help with better sleep quality, healthier eyes & feeling more energized*. Customers use them as gaming glasses, eye fatigue computer glasses & even blue light sunglasses