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ToTu case for Airpods

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Commodity Introduction :: Airpods Peace Series on Fall Protection Covers :: Trafficking for protective condoms + Ring, excluding headphone boxes and hosts To be different! Level 3 bag headphone bulletin :: Cool dazzling type of dustproof anti dumping ring 360 ° Protection :: Peaceful elites tier III package :: Food grade male stick material, high elastic flexibility randomly kneaded non deformation, resisting pressure to resist falling :: Micro abrasive texture, spray with hand paint, delicate and smooth, fingerprinting free 360 ° Total protection, full package design of elastic gum, dust proof rubbing, meanwhile, it has super strong anti falling effect * Anti throw buckle ring is more convenient to carry, repack、 key rings、 the belt hangs easily, portability, don't worry about the loss of airpods

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