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Playstation Icon Light

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Does the thought of PlayStation bring back fond memories of shovelling in your supper during loading screens and having to get to a decent save-point before bedtime? Does that memory date back to last night? No matter! Whether you’re fondly nostalgic of early PlayStation gaming or you’re still going hard, this PlayStation icons light will fit into your life as perfectly as a memory card slotted into your PS2.

This PlayStation-themed light gives the iconic button icons the 3D treatment and mounts them stylishly on a sleek black plinth (yes, it’s called a plinth!).

Each icon lights up with its official colour in standard mode. But, if you like a little variety that goes further than buying a bag of Celebrations, flick your PlayStation light onto colour phasing mode and watch the colours pulse with suited amazement. And, if you want to be really stunned, switch modes to ‘music reactive’ and watch the lights match the tones of your banging tunes.

With measurements sensible enough (6 x 30 x 3 cm) to allow this light to fit perfectly next to your bed or in your gaming den, this PlayStation light is perfect for loads of spaces around your home or office. It can be powered by micro-USB or batteries, but you’ll have to bring your own batteries to the party.

If you want everyone who visits your home or desk to know that you’re a hardcore gamer, or you just want to gaze at its sparkly glory as you wander down memory lane, you need this PlayStation button icon light.

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