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Baseus Folding Stand Selfie Stabilizer

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1. Intelligent anti shake, can shoot while walking, triple linkage support, mobile phone is stably clamped, and mobile shooting will not blur the picture

2. No app is needed, Bluetooth can be connected immediately after power on, easy to use

3. Press the PTZ key to manually switch the horizontal and vertical screens, and the live broadcast and recording are all finished

4. Ingenious folding, portable storage and easy packing

5. Retractable to 72cm, no need to thin face when taking photos

6. Three shooting modes and four key positions for convenient shooting and use

7. Detachable remote control, control distance of about 10 meters, one button remote capture, recording beautiful moments

8. Built in zoom in / zoom out focus key to lock in a wonderful moment

9. Take photos outside without power failure for 8 hours

Operation Method

1. Stretch the mobile phone clamp and install the mobile phone on the stabilizer

2. Press and hold the remote control for 3 seconds to start up

3. Bluetooth connection of mobile phone to “Baseus WS-19017-1” device

4. The blue light is always on, and the camera can be taken after the connection is successful


1. Material: aluminum alloy + ABS + PC

2. Battery: polymer lithium ion battery

3. Universal joint battery capacity: 450mAh /3.7V/1.665Wh

4. Remote control battery capacity: 65mAh /3.7V/0.24Wh

5. Voltage: 5V

6. Interface: Micro-USB

7. Charging time: 15 minutes for remote control (using 10W charger); 30 minutes for gimbal (using 10W charger)

8. Working time: 8h for remote control; 3h for gimbal (test reference value under leveling condition)

9. Wireless version: Low Power Bluetooth 4.2

10. Size: 20.5cm when folding, 72cm when stretching

11. Scope of application: mobile phones within 6.5 inches (less than 10cm in total width)


1 Year warranty

One (1) year limited warranty included in this product
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